Our soul in an incredibly important part of us, yet many people never give it a consideration. Here’s 3 things that your soul wants you to know:

1. That it exists!

Most people take care of their body by eating right and exercising regularly, and many people take care of their minds with meditation and mindfullness. But it’s rare that anyone takes the time to look after their soul which is perhaps a mistake because at the end of each lifetime, we leave our mind and body behind, but we take our soul with us on to the next lifetime. We reincarnate into each lifetime with our soul intact.

2. Our soul contains our true ‘blueprint’

Our personality traits, thoughts, beliefs and memories are all contained within our soul, and they all come with us from lifetime to lifetime. If we look back at our past lives, we can recognise these traits in ourselves in those past lives, and we can find out where our beliefs and habits and other traits originated.

3. Our soul needs to learn and evolve in each subsequent life

By working with our past lives, we can change the impact those traits have on this lifetime and future ones too. The traits we’ve had in past lives can either repeat themselves in subsequent lifetimes, or they can swing completely the other way. This is to ensure that we learn all possible lessons as we go through each lifetime. For example, in my past lives I’ve been both a beggar on the streets of India, and a rich king sitting on piles of gold and jewels in my castle. I wasn’t happy in either of those lives and my soul has learned lessons from both of these lifetimes. In this lifetime I sit somewhere in the middle and I’m very happy in my life.

What can you learn from listening to your soul? The truth! After all, it knows more about you than perhaps you realise…

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