Lynda Scrivener

Lynda Scrivener

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Lynda Scrivener is registered with the National Guild of Hypnotists and the General Hypnotherapy Register


Lynda Scrivener

Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist

Advanced Clinical Weight Loss Practitioner

Menopause Specialist

Smoking Cessation Specialist

Nutritional Therapist

Soulful Intuitive and Psychic Akashic Records Practitioner

I do things a little differently from other people. Always have done and probably always will! The way I help people has always been heart-centred, and I care very much about helping others.

Here’s a little about me…

I’ve been happily married for 147 years (!) and have two grown sons who are out making their way in the world. I live in the beautiful English countryside with my husband and our very lively, but getting older, cocker spaniel.

I’ve always had an interest in all things ‘woo woo’, and can remember feeling as though I had an angel sitting on my shoulder from a very young age. The term ‘ESP’ used to get bandied around a lot when I was young, and the idea of Extra Sensory Perception fascinated me.

I first realised I had psychic gifts in 1992, when I knew I had to urgently go and find my boyfriend (now husband) after work one sunny afternoon when we lived abroad. I followed my psychic sense of ‘knowing’ (claircognisance), and simply ‘knew’ that something was wrong with him as I travelled home from work. I followed the knowing I had and this lead me to quickly find out he’d had a nasty accident alone at work and was now in hospital. As this was in the days before mobile phones, without my gift of claircognisance, I would have had no other way of knowing what had happened to him.

My psychic gift of ‘knowing’ has helped me many, many times since then: for example, I often know when there’s a speed camera up ahead! As well as being claircognisant, I’m also clairvoyant (having clear seeing) and clairaudient (having clear hearing). So as well as having the gift of knowing, I can see and hear things psychically too.

In 2009 I trained at the University of London as an Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist with a Harley Street practitioner. I’m also qualified as an Advanced Clinical Weight Loss Practitioner, a Smoking Cessation Specialist and a Nutritional Therapist.

I continue to regularly train to ensure my hypnotherapy and NLP techniques are as up-to-date as possible. As well as training with some of the UK’s top hypnotherapists, I have also had the pleasure of meeting and training with several highly revered American hypnotherapists: Larry Elman, Ron Eslinger and C Roy Hunter.

Since 2017 I’ve studied the Akashic Records in great depth. I’m able to help people overcome ongoing issues in their life that may have been caused by a past life contract, agreement or karma. I’m able to see past lives as well as current and potential future ones. I can help with business, money and relationships, as well as seeing someone’s soul purpose and their life purpose.

I channel angels and spirit guides for you, but not dead relatives. I’m also not a ‘fortune teller’, so sadly I can’t tell you if you’re going to win the lottery!

I’m highly sensitive and empathic, and use these gifts in my everyday work to help others

Why Work With Me?

Whether you choose to work with me using hypnotherapy or Akashic Records and spirit guidance, you’ll receive professional sessions to help you achieve your aim. I’m fully qualified and very experienced.

I care very much about the experience that my clients receive from me, and if I think a session isn’t going to help you, I’ll say so. Also, I’ll never book you any more sessions than you need.

Begin to live your true purpose now. Life’s too short to get it wrong!

Lynda Scrivener


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