Online Hypnosis Over Zoom

Can someone really be hypnotised over Zoom?

“Yes! Online hypnosis sessions are highly effective.”

Online hypnosis and hypnotherapy are every bit as effective over Zoom as when you’re together with your hypnotherapist in the same room. As a bonus, you get to relax in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

All you need is any device with a camera (smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer) and a reliable broadband connection.

Online hypnosis over Zoom can help you with:

  • Weight loss

  • Stop smoking

  • Stop drinking

  • Remove fears and anxiety

  • Manage depression

  • Manage stress

  • Change habits

Usually a short series of sessions are needed to make the changes you want to make.

Session prices vary, but start at £95 each and are held 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday to Friday UK time. Occasional Saturday morning sessions are available.

Call me on +44 (01379) 770022 to discover how hypnosis can help you, or click the button below to book your FREE 15 minute consultation over Zoom instead.

Can you REALLY hypnotise someone over the Internet?

Yes, you really can. Online hypnosis sessions over Zoom is every bit as effective as when we’re in the same room together

What Can Hypnosis And Hypnotherapy Help With?

Hypnotherapy is simply hypnosis being used for therapy.

Hypnotherapy can help with:

  • weight loss – perhaps you have a sweet tooth or maybe you have no willpower and can’t seem to stop eating. Whatever’s stopping you from achieving your desired body weight, hypnotherapy can help
  • stopping smoking – no matter how many times you’ve tried before, hypnotherapy can help you
  • relieving anxiety – whether you know why you’re anxious or whether attacks come completely out of the blue, hypnotherapy is really effective at helping you to get attacks under control
  • relieving stress and depression – hypnotherapy is great for helping stuff to not bother you in the same way it does now. You can allow so much more stuff to simply wash over you
  • remove fears and phobias – all fears and phobias can be relieved and overcome by changing how your mind deals with them, and hypnotherapy can help you to do that
Does Hypnotherapy Work For Everyone

No, hypnotherapy doesn’t work for everyone.

For a hypnotherapy session to be effective, various criteria must be met:

  • the client must want to relax and be hypnotised
  • the client must be ready to change the issue they’re seeing the hypnotherapist for (this sounds crazy but many people pay a hypnotherapist without really being ready to make any changes. It’s essential that you’ve reached the point where ‘enough is enough’ and change is the only option for you now)
  • the client must trust the hypnotherapist (we’ll have a chat prior to booking your first session and you can decide if I’m the hypnotherapist you would like to work with)

Without all three of the above criteria being met, a hypnotherapy session will never be successful.

How Do Your Sessions Work?
  • We initially have a chat to discover if I’m able to help you with your issue
  • If I can help you, we’ll set a date and time for your session.
  • I’ll send you a secure payment link
  • You pay for your session using the secure payment link
  • Once payment is received, I’ll send you a Zoom link for your session
  • You ensure you have the latest version of Zoom on your device and that you have a reliable broadband connection
  • At the time of your appointment, you click on the Zoom link provided and we’ll connect via video.
  • Your session will start with a full consultation followed immediately by your hypnotherapy session
How Do I Book An Appointment With You?

We need a quick chat before you can book an appointment to discover if I can help you. This chat doesn’t commit you to anything.

You can either chat with me over Zoom (you can book your Zoom call here) or, if you’d prefer, call me on (01379) 770022. Calls are answered 24/7. Or you can send me a message using the boxes at the bottom of this page.

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About Lynda Scrivener

Lynda qualified as an Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist and a Smoking Cessation specialist in 2009 after comprehensive training with a Harley Street practitioner in London. She’s trained and experienced in all areas of advanced clinical hypnotherapy and can help you to more easily make the changes you want to make in your life.

Lynda is also a qualified Advanced Clinical Weight Loss Practitioner and a Nutritional Therapist

Having closed her private town centre clinic because of the many pandemic lockdowns, Lynda now works with her clients exclusively via Zoom.

Or call me on (01379) 770022 (calls answered 24/7)

Or message me if you have a query about how hypnotherapy could benefit you:

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