Discover The Secrets Of Empowering Yourself So You Can Thrive During Menopause Instead Of Going Crazy!

Soul Sparkle Programme
Soul Sparkle Programme - Hypnosis For Symptoms Of Menopause

“There’s Got To Be More To Life Than This!”

Have you ever said that? More than once? I’m not surprised!

Has your life turned out as you’d expected or hoped it would?

Do you struggle with the symptoms of menopause?

Do you feel you’ve never enough time in the day?

Are you the very last person you take care of every day?

Are you stuck in the middle of the generations? Perhaps you’re an unpaid carer for your parents or childminder for your grandchildren…

Do you feel as though life’s passing you by whilst you’re holding down a job and working 9 to 5 to pay the bills?

Are you suffering with stress, anxiety or depression?

Has the symptoms of menopause or peri-menopause knocked the joy out of your life, or do you feel you’ve simply lost your sparkle?

You don’t have to carry on like this!

Do you struggle with the symptoms of menopause?

Women aged 45 to 65 often struggle with all of these problems and many, many more. It can be an incredibly difficult, frustrating and exhausting time in a woman’s life.

We often don’t have time to even sit down, let alone make plans and decide what it is that we want for ourselves. And if we do take time for ourselves, we usually feel guilty about it.

Many women have lost touch with their souls simply because life gets in the way. We’ve lost touch with why we’re on this planet, and what our soul purpose and life purpose are.

How can we possibly live the life we’re meant to live if we don’t know our life purpose?!

And why would we want to live a life meant for someone else? Unfortunately, too many people do live entirely the wrong life and not the one they were destined for because they don’t know any other way.

Almighty Goddess Soul Sparkle Programme
Almighty Goddess Soul Sparkle Programme

The “Soul Sparkle” Programme can help you to get on the right track and make profound changes in your life:

  • discover your soul and life purpose so that you can live the fulfilling life you’re really here to live
  • set boundaries in your life
  • get over unhelpful fears and habits that hold you back
  • manage exhaustion, stress, anxiety or depression and other symptoms of menopause more easily
  • enjoy a healthy diet to manage menopause symptoms or lose weight
  • above all, flourish and enjoy your life!

By working together with your spirit guides and angels you’ll receive the purest, most loving, profound guidance and advice possible. They’ll advise you on what you can change in your life and how you can do it. You’ll need a pen and paper handy because you’ll receive more information than you ever thought possible.

If you thought you know yourself well, wait till you hear what your spirit team have to tell you!

Your guides and angels know you better than you know yourself, and can help you in every possible area of your life. Even lives you may have had before this current one. They can advise on relationships, careers, money, and so much more. They know whether any issues you face began in this lifetime, or a previous one, and can help you to clear any karma and remove that blockage from this life.

Working with your guides and angels will show your potential future, and the changes you can make right now to help create an amazing one.

Using advanced hypnotherapy, we’ll work with your subconscious mind to help relieve stress and anxiety, as well as changing unwanted fears and habits so that you can more quickly make the progress you want to make.

How will your life pan out if you ignore all of this, or try to do it by yourself?

Almighty Goddess Soul Sparkle Programme
Almighty Goddess Soul Sparkle Programme

Making successful long-term changes can be hard. Chances are it would be something else you’d continue to put off. Your guides and angels will never step in and do something for you without you asking because they’re not allowed to as you have free will, so it’s not something that’s just going to happen all by itself. Nothing will change in your life for the better unless you decide to make it happen.

Wouldn’t you rather have a whole team of spiritual ‘experts’ (your guides and angels) on your side guiding and helping you to make things happen? Wouldn’t you prefer to easily get into the right mindset to make those changes you’ve been dreaming of?

If you’re fed up with the unwanted symptoms of menopause or the direction your life has taken and you’re not sure how to get out of the rut you’re in, then click on the button below to enrol on the Soul Sparkle Programme.

You deserve to have a happy and fulfilling life, and you can only find that life fulfilment if you’re living the life you agreed to before you reincarnated!

With the Soul Sparkle programme you can enjoy more relaxation, less stress and anxiety, set boundaries, ease menopause symptoms, have a healthier diet, and enjoy life-changing guidance from your own spirit team.

Lynda Scrivener - Soul Sparkle Programme

Here’s what you get on the Soul Sparkle programme:

8 online video and audio modules:

Module 1: Relaxation and Self-Care

In module 1, we begin helping you to relax and take better care of yourself. You’ll receive a wonderful hypnosis track that you can sit back and listen to on any device that will have you relaxing instantly. You’ll feel calm and serene, and much more like your old self. There will also be plenty of wonderful self-care ideas that you’ll be able to choose from. Some of the self-care ideas take just a moment or two, and others will take a bit longer, so you’ll have a choice and will always be able to find a suitable way to take care of yourself in that moment and not want to sabotage your own efforts.

Module 2: Setting Boundaries and Saying “No”

In module 2, I’ll help you to begin setting boundaries where necessary so that you can so “no” to those people that insist on taking your time and draining your energy. We’ve all got people in our lives that drain us. They’re called Energy Vampires. They feel better after spending time with you, but they leave you feeling drained. They take your energy from you and they use it to boost their own. We all know people like that, and I’ll show you how you can stop that happening in future, and how you can stop people draining your energy. You can also stop people taking up your time unnecessarily. Once someone knows they can ask someone to do things for them, they ask time and time again, but it’s time for that to stop, and for you to reclaim your time for yourself.

Module 3: Natural Ways To Deal With Menopause

Of course there’s help from our doctors when it come to managing menopause symptoms, but there are many natural ways to do so as well…many natural ways we can help ourselves, and we’ll look at these in module 3.

Module 4: Overcome Anxiety and Fear

If you’ve never felt anxious about anything before, then I’m afraid it’s very likely you will once you hit peri-menopause. Unfortunately anxiety seems to come hand in hand with our changing hormones, and hits us for absolutely no apparent reason at all. It can hit us completely out of the blue. Module 4 will help you if you ever feel that way. It will help you to always feel calm and in control so that you can release that debilitating feeling and you can cope.

Module 5: Healthy Diet

If you’ve begun to eat a few more comfort foods than perhaps are good for you, or maybe you’d like to lose some weight, then module 5 will help you do just that. There will be plenty of healthy eating tips, and I’ll show you how you can lose weight without depriving yourself, still eat out, and still eat family foods as well. I’m also an Advanced Clinical Weight Loss Practitioner and a Nutritional Therapist so I’m qualified to help you with improving your daily diet.

Module 6: Discover Your True Purpose

In module 6 we’ll discover your soul purpose and your life purpose. We’ll discover this vital information, and also how you can use your true purpose to live the life you were meant to live. It’s never too late to discover this!

Module 7: Guidance From Your Spirit Team

You have spirits and guides all around you, all of the time, and in module 7 you’ll discover how to contact them and work with them to make your life a whole lot easier! They know you better than you know yourself, and can help, guide, comfort and support you whenever you need it. You just need to know how to get in touch with them.

Module 8: Allow Your Soul To TRULY Sparkle

In module 8 we bring it all together, so that your soul can truly shine! We build on all of the other 7 modules and take everything a stage further, so that by the end of the programme you’ll be feeling relaxed, in control, knowing the path you should be on in life, and how to get there, so that you can look back at the end of your life, and you’ll TRULY know you’ve lived the EXACT life meant for you.

In all of these modules you’ll receive videos helping you to make the changes you want to make. You’ll receive full-length, professional hypnosis tracks just as if you were to come and see me privately. You’ll receive ebooks and check sheets. you’ll receive everything you need to make the changes you want to make in your life.

Because you TRULY DESERVE to shine!

You’ll also receive full support from me:

2 x 1-hour One-on-one private Zoom Sessions with me

Three months of Email Support from me

As a bonus you’ll also receive:

“Stress Soothing” Digital Audio

“Insomnia Eraser” Digital Audio

“Discover Your True Purpose” Ebook

TOTAL VALUE of this package is £4,812

But when you enrol TODAY you pay only £497

14 Day Money Back Guarantee