Life Purpose

“True Purpose”

If you feel as though you’re on the wrong track in life, or as though there’s got to be more than what you’ve been experiencing this programme can help you.

Firstly we’ll consult your Akashic Records spirit guide and we’ll discover your soul purpose. Your soul purpose is always a feeling. It’s how you’re meant to feel in life.

Your Akashic Records spirit guides know you very well as they’ve been with you for lifetime after lifetime. They know your gifts and your traits, and above all, they know how you’ll be happy and what you’re here to do.

Once we know your soul purpose, we can move on to discover your life purpose. We can find out what it is that you’re here to achieve in this lifetime, and if you feel you’re off track, we can discover how you can get back on track.

Your spirit guides know you better than you know yourself as they see the full picture of every one of your lifetimes, and give nothing but profoundly loving advice for you. You always have free will, and your guides respect that and will gently guide you to the right path in life.

You can’t be sure to live the life you were meant to live if you don’t know what it is!

Life Purpose
Zoom Hypnosis

Before we start you’ll have a full consultation and this will ensure your sessions are completely personalised for you.

Booking your session online is easy. You can choose a date and time that suits you, and then you can pay online via Paypal. Once you’ve booked and paid, you’ll immediately be sent your Zoom link for your session. Call to book your first session now.