Pain Management

“Ease Your Pain”

If you’ve had enough of being in constant pain, hypnotherapy can help.

The saying goes “There’s no pain till it reaches the brain” and hypnosis can help stop those pain signals that you’re so familiar with from being a constant reminder to you. You’ll always be aware of any new pain that you need to know about, but your mind can quieten down those old, familiar pain signals so that you can become more comfortable.

There are many pain gateways in the body, and hypnosis can allow your mind to close many of those gateways to stop the pain signals from reaching your brain. Again, this is just for the pain you’re already familiar with, and you’ll be made vary aware of any new pain signals that you need to know about. And if you hit your thumb with a hammer, you’ll know about it!

Hypnosis For Pain Management
Zoom Hypnosis

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