Relationship Management

“Real Relationships”

If you struggle with relationships in any way, this programme is for you.

NOTE: This programme doesn’t contain any hypnotherapy. It is a very spiritual programme and involves contact with your Akashic Records spirit guides who have known you for lifetime after lifetime and can see patterns and traits carried from one lifetime to the next.

By looking at your Akashic Records, we can see where and why problems in any relationships may have begun. We can see if these traits are beneficial to you now and we can clear the energy of these traits so that you can make the changes you want to make.

This is a four-session programme, which helps you to understand different relationships in your life, and why some are easier than others.

The programme can be used for any relationships, whether they’re romantic, family or business relationships.

We can look at any difficult relationships you may have, and discover if it’s a relationship from a past life that you may be repeating. If so, you may also be repeating the energy of the relationship from that past life. For example, if there’s bad feeling between you both in this lifetime but you don’t know why, it may be because of something that happened between you both in a past life, and you may both still be carrying the energy of what happened back then.

Your Akashic Records guides will give you guidance on why the other person feels the way they do, how you can change things, and how you can have a more harmonious relationship together.

You can also discover if you’re repeating unhelpful relationship or dating traits from past lives. Again, these may not may sense to you in this lifetime, but once you discover where they started and why, you can begin to understand and release that way of being to allow youself to have better relationships in future.

All You Need Is Love
Zoom Hypnosis

At your first session, you’ll have a full consultation to ensure your sessions are completely personalised for you.

Booking your session online is easy. You can choose a date and time that suits you, and then you can pay online via Paypal. Once you’ve booked and paid, you’ll immediately be sent your Zoom link for your session. Call to book your first session now.