Spirit Guidance Programmes

Which one’s right for you?

Money Makeover Programme

3 Session Programme To Help You Change The Way You Handle Money

This programme is designed for those that can’t quite get a grip on their finances. Perhaps you don’t understand why you can’t earn enough, or why you can’t hold on to your money. This programme can help you get to the bottom of the problem, and turn things around.

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Real Relationships Programme

4 Session Programme To Help You Improve Your Relationships

This programme is for you if your relationships don’t go as well as you’d like. Do you always fall for the same kind of person, and wonder why things don’t work out? Do you want to know what you can do to improve things? This programme can help.

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True Purpose Programme

2 Session Programme To Live Your Life On Purpose

If you feel lost and you’re not sure what you should be doing with your life, this programme can help you. Over two weeks we’ll discover both your soul purpose and your life purpose, and also discover any new direction you could be taking.

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Business Breakthrough

6 or 12 Session Programme To Make Profound Changes In Your Business

When you know you need to make changes in your business and you really want to see the bigger picture of what's possible for it, your spirit guides are where you need to turn. This is a 6 or 12 session programme that will help to show you the true potential your business really has, and will offer guidance on how you can achieve it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Happiness Programmes?

There are many happiness programmes here that will help you to live the life you're meant to live. These range from helping you to find your life purpose, through to managing stress/anxiety/depression, to stopping smoking, losing weight and improving your business and finances. Some of the programmes are hypnotherapy only, some are spirit guidance only, and some mix both. My flagship programme is the “Soul Sparkle” programme, which is a 3, 6 or 12 month programme to help women aged 45 to 65 find and live their true purpose.

How Do I Know If Your Happiness Programmes Are Right For Me?

If you're looking to make positive changes in your life, the Happiness programmes are right for you. I'm in the UK, and we'll meet on Zoom at a time that is convenient for us both. After a full consultation, your Happiness programme can begin. Depending on the changes you want to make, our time together can range from just one session, to a full 12 month programme. Check the descriptions of each of the happiness programmes from the menu above.

What Is Hypnosis And Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis is a blissful, natural, relaxed state of mind. It's somewhat comparable to daydreaming in that you remain conscious and you're still able to think your own thoughts and hear what's happening around you. The term 'sleep' is often associated with hypnosis, but hypnosis isn't sleep, and full consciousness is retained even when deeply relaxed. The ancient Greeks mistakingly believed the hypnotic state was sleep and so called it 'hypnos' which is Greek for sleep, and that's where the word hypnosis comes from. Hypnotherapy is the therapy done under hypnosis.

Why Do Some Of The Happiness Programmes Include Guidance From The Akashic Records And Spirit Guides?

The Akashic Records are an encoded field of information held in the spiritual plane about all consciousness in all realities. On a personal level, it holds the information from our souls about every life we've ever lived, or will ever live.

Our Akashic Records guides (I refer to them as our 'spirit guides' or simply 'guides') help us to access our Akashic Records, and by working with your guides (with your permission, of course), I can access information about how your past lives may be affecting your current one; what traits or skills your soul is carrying from past lives, and any karma, agreements or contracts you may have made in past lives that you're still unwittingly and needlessly honouring.

The energy containing your skills, traits, karma etc is stored in your soul, and the soul is the part of us that reincarnates, Therefore, when we reincarnate, we bring this energy (and all it contains) with us into our new life.

Once I have information from your guides, I can more easily help you make the changes you want to make.

Do You Only Work Over Zoom?

Pre-Covid I had a clinic here in Norfolk in the UK, but in this new era all sessions are now done via Zoom. Whilst it's been lovely to work with someone in the same room, the help I can give you is just as effective over Zoom. Nothing is lost when we work together at a distance and via a screen. In fact we're all becoming used to the privacy and convenience that this kind of help via Zoom now gives us.


Hypnosis and hypnotherapy, as well as working with your spirit guides are just as effective when we work together at a distance.


If you've never used Zoom before, all you need is a device with a camera: a smartphone, tablet, laptop or a desktop computer with a webcam. Simply download the Zoom app, and at the time of your appointment, click on the Zoom link I will have sent you and we'll be able to see and hear each other.

Do You Offer Ongoing Help?

Absolutely! Ongoing support is available to you regardless of whether you've booked a one session happiness programme, or the full 6 month “Soul Sparkle” programme. I'm always here for you.

How Do I Get More Information On The Happiness Programmes?

There's plenty of information on this website about all of the programmes, but if you need more info, please get in touch. If you're in the UK, my phone number is (01379) 770022. You can reach me via email using the contact form on the website, or if you'd like an online consultation (especially if you're considering the 3, 6 or 12 month “Soul Sparkle” programme), there's buttons dotted around the website to book an online consultation via Zoom. Booking a Zoom consultation commits you to nothing, and you'll be able to meet me online and get answers to any questions you may have. I’ll answer all of your queries personally, so feel free to ask me anything about how hypnosis, hypnotherapy or working with your spirit guides can help you.