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Free video series for you

How To Improve Your Mental Health During Menopause So You Empower Yourself And Don’t Go Crazy!

This 3-part video series is for you if you’re struggling with your mental health during menopause, and you’ll discover ways to boost your mental health naturally.

This free video series will show you:

  • How to improve your mental health during menopause
    • the easiest ways I know of to deal long-term with anxiety.

  • Natural ways of dealing with menopause
    • complementary methods of dealing with menopause alongside (or instead of) HRT

  • The connection between spirituality and your mental health
    • connecting with your spirituality has been shown to improve your mental health (and you don’t need to be religious if that’s not for you)

  • Each video is a quick watch at only 4-6 minutes long

Watch the first video now!

(It’s less than 4 minutes long 😀)

About Your Host


Lynda Scrivener

Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist
Lynda’s qualified, experienced and passionate about helping women during mid-life to reduce stress and anxiety, and discover and live their true life purpose.