Weight Loss Hypnosis

“How Can I Lose Weight?”

Weight Loss: If you’ve ever wanted to lose weight, hypnotherapy may be for you.

Do you feel out of control with food or have no willpower?

Do you find it hard to avoid ‘naughty but nice’ foods?

Are you good with food all week but have too many treats at the weekend?

Or do you simply not know where to start?

Whatever your struggle with losing weight, hypnotherapy can help you.

It can help you change how you think about the food (and alcohol) you put into your body and help you make changes to your diet more easily.

I use the word ‘diet’ to mean your daily diet, i.e. what you eat each day, and not that you’ll be ‘on a diet’ because you definitely won’t be. You’ll still be able to eat family foods and go out to eat as well. You’ll naturally want to make more helpful choices.

You don’t need to restrict food or stop eating yummy stuff because you want to lose weight!

Advanced Clinical Weight Loss Practitioner

Many hypnotherapists simply hypnotise you to “eat less and move more”, but weight loss is much more complex than that!

When you book your weight loss sessions with me, you’ll enjoy weekly personalised hypnotherapy sessions to change your thoughts about food and drink. My training and experience as an Advanced Clinical Weight Loss Practitioner and Nutritional Therapist will benefit you. This means I’ll advise you on the following:

• how you can adapt your current diet to make weight loss easier for you

• how to find foods that you enjoy that will be beneficial for weight loss

• how to discover how much food you need to eat to lose weight

• the kinds of exercise that would be right for you to help you lose weight.

The weight loss programme can help you lose weight and keep it off too.


Weight Loss Hypnosis
Zoom Hypnosis

When you book now, you can choose from a 4-session or an 8-session programme depending on how much weight you want to lose and how much support you’d like to have on your weight loss journey.

We’ll meet via Zoom each week, and we’ll be able to monitor your progress as you go.

You’ll have a full consultation when we start to ensure your sessions are completely personalised.

Firstly, click the button below to book a FREE consultation with me via Zoom. This commits you to nothing but allows you to meet and chat with me online. We’ll discuss where you’re at now with your weight and what you want to do about it. If you decide to go ahead and book your sessions, we’ll get that sorted for you so that you can start asap. So go ahead and book your consultation now using the button below.

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