Our soul is an essential part of us, yet many people never give it a moment’s consideration. The soul’s often either not known about, misunderstood, or completely ignored. Here’s what your soul wants you to know:

1. Your soul exists!

Most people take care of their bodies by eating healthily and exercising regularly, and many people take care of their minds with meditation and mindfulness. But generally, people rarely take the time to look after their souls. And that’s perhaps a mistake. At the end of each lifetime, we leave behind our minds and bodies, but our souls continue with us to the next lifetime.

It’s helpful to discover our soul’s purpose for this lifetime: what our soul wants to achieve during this incarnation. What agreement did we make before we reincarnated this time around? We can only discover this if we pay attention to our soul and listen to its needs. Is there some part of you that you constantly deny? For example, my soul is forever telling me to get outside in nature, and even though I live deep in the countryside, I often seem to have more important things to do. But when I heed that call to immerse myself in the peace and quiet of the outdoors and feel the fresh air on my face, I always feel so much better and more energised.

2. Our soul contains our true ‘blueprint.’

We reincarnate into each lifetime with our soul intact. All of our soul’s memories, feelings and experiences come with us from lifetime to lifetime (even if we don’t remember them.) They’re stored in that intangible part of us for eternity and affect how we think and feel in this lifetime.

Our personality traits, thoughts, beliefs and memories are all contained within our soul, and they all come with us from lifetime to lifetime. So if we look back at our past lives, we can recognise these traits in ourselves and find out where our beliefs and habits originated.

Aristotle understood the soul as being the principle of life in a living thing.

According to neurosurgeon Michael Egnor, the soul is the principle of life in a body (i.e. a dead body no longer has a soul). He says that the spirit is the immaterial aspects of the soul (particularly the intellect and the will), which give the ability to reason and make decisions based on reason.

So there’s a definite difference between soul and spirit, although they are often, mistakenly, used interchangeably.

Knowing all of this information means I regularly work with my soul so that when I reincarnate, I bring back the best possible version of me to make my next lifetime easier.

3. Our soul needs to learn and evolve in each subsequent life.

By working with our past lives, we can change those traits’ impact on this lifetime and future ones. The characteristics we’ve had in past lives can repeat themselves in subsequent lifetimes, or they can swing the other way entirely. This is to ensure that we learn all possible lessons as we go through each lifetime. For example, in my past lives, I’ve been both a beggar on the streets of India and a wealthy king sitting on piles of gold and jewels in my castle. I wasn’t happy in those lives, and my soul has learned lessons from them both. In this lifetime, I sit somewhere happily in the middle.

If we don’t learn lessons from each lifetime, we can repeat a very similar life until we do learn that lesson, or we can live the complete opposite of a previous life to appreciate and learn those lessons that way instead.

What your soul wants you to know today is that you have the opportunity right now to learn lessons from this lifetime so that your soul can evolve.

So how do you listen to your soul? First, notice any nudges or urges you get, especially if they’re positively intended and are persistently repeated until you take notice. Your soul never gives up until you take note and act on the nudges and urges it gives you.

If you’d like a more formal approach when you communicate with your soul, you can sit and allow your mind to quieten and ask if your soul has a message for you. Whilst it’s entirely possible to hear a message (which you may initially think you’ve made up yourself), you may also receive images in your mind. Or you may become aware of feelings, even perhaps have a sense of simply ‘knowing’. However the information comes through to you, pay attention because it will be important. Whilst you don’t have to sit cross-legged and chant ‘om’ for this to happen, I suggest you do take a break from any distracting technology. Leave your devices somewhere else so you can relax and give this enjoyable experience your full attention.

So what can you learn from listening to your soul? The truth! After all, your soul’s known you for lifetime after lifetime and knows more about you than perhaps you realise.

So now you know what your soul wants you to know today, take the time to be quiet and listen to it regularly. You may be surprised what it has to share with you!

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